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What you should do Before, During and After Flying to Stay Healthy

What you should do Before, During and After Flying to Stay Healthy

Staying Healthy is an important part of traveling : here what you need to do to have a very healthy flight.

Before the Flight

Maybe you are a sport maniac. Many you are not. In any case, working out before a long flight, a long travel, is recommended. You’re gonna stay in a confined space, say a plane cabin, for long hours, and your Body will feel a bit stuck. So try and move before you fly. A Few days before : walking, running, swimming, or anything to stretch your Body.

At the airport, of before boarding a bus, do some light stretching.

During the Flight

It’s best not to eat too much before boarding a plane, or going away on a road trip. Avoid carbs, get a light meal of protein and salad. And Hydrate ! We can’t recommend this enough. Drink at least two full water bottles few hours before you go. A plane trip will dehydrate your body.

Don’t forget to move. During a flight, get up of your seat and walk around. Lack of movement can increase risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). It’s not common, but be aware of that. To help your body, take some vitamin supplements, and during the flight, some snacks that you like, but too sugary.

After the Flight

Your body will feel a bit sore after a 8 hour or 11-hour flight. A good thing to do is to stretch while waiting for your luggage, or waiting to pass customs. You could also get some workout done at the hotel if there is a gym, or hit that pool (even if it’s a bit dirty, go for it, you’ll take a very satisfying shower afterwards). Stretch again just before bed, to help your body relax.

And don’t hit that open buffet too hard. Eat lightly after your flight, your body doesn’t need too many calories, you’ve been seating for 10 hours ! 🙂 No sugar, no alcohol. Wait a few days. Water or tea is recommended. My personal favorite is always the banana, even during a flight. It’s easy to eat and is good for you in every occasion. You can also take some magnesium, or cereals wiht low sugar.

Top 5 tourists things to visit in london

Top 5 tourists things to visit in london

London is a City that Never sleeps. So much to do, so little time. is making things easier : here are the Top things to do when you travel to London.

1. Big, Ben, the Parliament and Westminster Abbey

All within foot distance, those three landmarks are a must see if you visit London for the first time.

2. Sightseing London by… bus

If you don’t have too much time to visit New York, the best options is always to travel fast and see things while you travel.

Option number 1: Sightseeing Tours. Many are available by bus all around the city, guided or not. Often pricey but it’s the easiest option.

Option number 2: regular buses… and the Subway. The best way to discover a City is to take public transportation. Fast or not, but if you travel on a budget, it might the best option.

3. Buckingham Palace

This is where Elizabeth II lived most of her reign, and now Charles.

>>> Travel tip : get there early to avoid queues

3. Hyde Park, Regent’s Park

London parks are a must see. A sea of green in the heart of a very busy city. A place to rest, sleep or just walk by.

4. Picadilly Circus

Center of the world for some, it’s an area that can’t be missed in London. Those famous big screens will blow you away. Within a walking distance, you can visit Soho, Leicester Square or even Covent Garden.

5. Oxford Street

The shopping center of London. A very long street with dozen of designers shops. You can also stroll around in regent street.

The Tip of all tips

Don’t be fooled by the subway map. London’s most famous attractions are all within a walking distance. If you are visiting for a few days, don’t take the underground. Walk, just walk, and discover this beautiful city. Don’t forget a umbrella or a raincoat though !

Top 5 tourists things to visit in New York

Top 5 tourists things to visit in New York

New York, NYC, the Big Apple. So much to do, so little time. is making things easier : here are the Top things to do when you travel to New York.

1. The Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island

Liberty Island is home of the Statue of Liberty Museum. A tourist attraction not to be missed, but there are few things to know before you go.

The visits last from a few minutes to all day long depending on what you plan to see.

How to go there ? Only one option: ferries. They are run by Statue Cruises and there are two locations to embark : Lower Manhattan or New Jersey.

Closest stations to access Lower Manhattan: Bowling Green, which is accessed by the 4 and 5 trains, and South Ferry Station, which is accessed by the 1 train.

You can also reach the ferry landing via Rector Street Station on the N and R Train, Wall Street Station on the 2 and 3 train, and Broad Street Station J and Z trains.

If you do not wish to visite the statue of Liberty but only want to get closer, you can take the FREE Staten Island Ferry which operate in Lower Manhattan too.

Nearby, there is also Ellis island, which was during the late 19th and early 20th century the port of entry in the United States for 12 million immigrants. Access is also possible with a Ferry ticket purchase.

2. Sightseing New York City by… bus

If you don’t have too much time to visit New York, the best options is always to travel fast and see things while you travel.

Option number 1: Sightseeing Tours. Many are available by bus all around the city, guided or not. Often pricey but it’s the easiest option.

Option number 2: regular buses… and the Subway. The best way to discover a City is to take public transportation. Fast or not, but if you travel on a budget, it might the best option.

3. Empire State Building

There is no reason to not go the Empire State Building. The Building is a 102-story Art Deco skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan.

Built from 1930 to 1931, its name comes from the “Empire State”, the nickname of the state of New York. The breathtaking view of the NYC skyline is well worth a stop.

Travel tip : get there early to avoid queues. The ride in the elevator is fast and worth for itself. The Empire State Building is open 365 days a year.

New York -

4. One World Observatory, World Trade Center

Opened in 2014, the One World Observatory is at the top of the new World Trade Center Building.

Travel tip : get there early to avoid queues.

The Top of the Rock Observation Deck is located consists of the 67th, 69th, and 70th floors of 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

Travel tip : You got it now, get there early, although the plateform is bigger than the Empire State Building.

5. Central Park

You can’t go to NYC and not visit Central Park. One of the most famous park in the world, created by the City during the 19th century. Wide field, trees, and during the summer, many concerts and other attractions. It’s a must see. Yes it’s big, it will take you likely a day to visit most of it.

Can You Bring (and Drink) Alcohol On A Plane ?

Can You Bring (and Drink) Alcohol On A Plane ?

Is it allowed to bring alcohol on a plane ? Yes… and no. Here is everything you need to know.

What are the Rules for Alcohol on a Plane ?

Alcohol during a flight… the big question. Can you take your favorite beverage with you ? Airlines, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and Transportation Security Administrations (TSA) have strict rules. What you can carry with you is specified by the quantity and alcohol percentage of alcohol by volume (ABV).

You can bring some alcohol in your carry-on bag. But the FAA has limitations : the alcoholic beverage needs to be 24% alcohol by volume or 48 proof on a plane. And the total quantity can’t be more 3.4oz per person. It also needs to fit in a one quart-size, clear, zip-top bag.

It is forbidden to take a beverage that contains more than 70% alcohol content. They will just take that away from You.

Alcohol in a Checked Bag

Alcoholic beverages with less than 24% ABV or 48 proof are not limited in checked luggage. So in theory, you can check a bag full of those… But up to 5 liters, in a sealable bottle or flask. This limit is given by passenger.

It is (again) forbidden to take a beverage that contains more than 70% alcohol content. They will just take that away from You, even in a checked bag. Remember, customs do random checks, and if they find that in your bag, you’re in big trouble. Don’t even try…

Duty-Free Alcohol

The famous Duty-Free Alcohol. A souvenir that’s more expensive than any other alcohol you’ve ever bought. Duty-Free alcohol beverages after the security checkpoint can be as high as 5 liters and between 24% and 70% ABV per passenger. BUT ! (there is always a but) : You will need a proof that you purchased the alcoholic beverages within the last 48 hours from a duty-free shop. And the Duty-Free store will study you, check your plane ticket and identity. You will have to show that passport. Flights Attendants will be warned that you have bought that alcohol and you will be under much scrutiny during the whole flight.

Can you Drink That Alcohol ?

You’re joking right ? No exception. That alcohol stays in its bag. Even if you bought it in the duty-free section. FAA regulations prohibit passengers from drinking the alcohol they brought aboard. Only Flight attendants can give you some alcohol, and they will closely monitor what you ingest.

Can you Be Drunk on a Plane ?

Well, that depends on your body. Some people are almost drunk after one tiny little glass, some needs full bottles and strong alcohol. The answer is yes, you can get drunk. But be aware that your actions might get you in trouble. Disturbing passengers, abusing flight attendants are strictly not tolerated on a plane. You could end up in jail and land in the no fly list. This is no joke. There is no tolerance. Flight attendants might restrict your alcohol intake if they think you’re gonna be trouble.

Can minors get alcohol ?

Minors are also not served alcohol on flights, but some airlines make exceptions. It will then depend on the parent. If the child is old enough, they might agree to serve alcohol. When i was a kid in the 90s (I was 16 !), i drank full bottle of wine on flights, it as pretty normal. Things have changed though.

But… Should you Drink alcohol on a plane ?

Just like tea and coffee, alcohol can make you uncomfortable during a flight, alcohol accelerates dehydration too. So it’s mostly not recommended. You are warned.

Travel During Pregancy : What You Need to Know

Travel During Pregancy : What You Need to Know

What To Know About Travel During Pregnancy ? We answers all your question regarding this very special kind of travel.

Can you travel when pregnant ?

Of course you can. But you need to talk to your doctor first, and make sure that everything is fine in your case, to travel safely. And be prepared in case of any medical emergencies.

When is the due date ?

Doctors rule is simple, the closer you are to the due date, the closer you should stay to home. If you travel by plane, some airlines could restrict passengers from boarding planes, especially in the last month of pregnancy. The third trimester is not recommended to travel. stay close to your doctor. Baby first.

What are your Medical conditions ?

Before you plan your next trip, be sure to check with your doctor about any medical conditions you may have. They will likely adapt your travel if you suffer from Anemia, Gestational diabetes, or High blood pressure. They may even prevent you from traveling. And when the day has come to travel, bring your medical records with you.

If you are traveling by plane

It’s safe to travel by plane during pregnancy, but more than any other passengers, you will need to stretch your legs and avoid blood clots. So get up, walk along the (small) aisle, stretch and stretch again. This is especially true for long flights.

Be careful about what you eat and drink

Avoid eating and drinking anything that is served on the plane. The water quality is especially important. Bring your own water, your own food.

Check your Health insurance, find the nearest hospital

Before you travel, be sure that your health insurance cover the destination you’re going to visit. Maybe you will have to purchase insurance just for your trip. When you are on your vacation, make sure to locate the nearest hospital.

Again, don’t worry too much but be prepared. Traveling whilst pregnant can be a good vacation from pregnancy routine, but you need to stay safe too.

Christmas Under The Sun : Where to Fly To ?

Christmas Under The Sun : Where to Fly To ?

You can spend Christmas with your family, or you can have a very special Christmas under the sun : But where to ? is giving you a few sunny destination to spend a unique Christmas.


A very famous destination to have a sunny Christmas. Located adrift in the Indian Ocean, a thousand miles from the nearest coast of Africa, Seychelles is paradise island. Yes, it can rain during the Christmas period in Seychelles, but mot of the time, you will have hot days in the sun.

When to go ? From October to November, but December works too.

Thai islands

Thailand is great destination for the Winter. The islands of Thailand is another paradise on earth, it’s located on the coast of Thailand. There are many islands to choose from.

When to go ? From November to March

Yucatan, Mexico

Mexico is another destination for the Winter. Not too far for US residents, The Yucatan is the safest region in Mexico, mostly populated by tourists. If you like spending days at the beach and visit (but not too much), it’s the best destination for your.

When to go ? From November to March

Bora Bora, Tahiti & French Polynesia

Yet another paradise. but it’s a bit far to reach. And people speak mostly french. You will need that online translator.

When to go ? From October to March


Another paradise next to USA. Crystal clear water, smooth sandy beaches and not too crowded. Bermuda is the best choice for a quick Christmas or Winter vacation. Scuba diving, cocktails, doing nothing on the beach… this is Bermuda. Plus, maybe you will have time to solve the famous mystery of the Bermuda Triangle !

When to go ? From October to March


Even closer to the USA, the Bahamas is like going away from home while still being at home. It’s not too far from Florida. Another short trip if you don’t have a lot of vacation days.

When to go ? From October to March


If you don’t like too much hot sun, California is a good destination. South Cali isn’t too hot in the Winter. You can mix Los Angeles, San Diego and Palm Springs. It’s the perfect winter road trip. And you can stop at the beach too if you feel like it.

When to go ? From October to May


Staying in the US can also be an option. Florida is a good destination if you like beaches and parties. And it is not that hot during the winter months, so if you plan on finding a sunny, but not too hot Christmas, maybe Florida is the obvious choice.

When to go ? From November to April


The most famous winter destination, Bali is located in Indonesia. A very long trip if you come from the US. But it’s a trip that has to be done at least once.

When to go ? Year-round. but it can rain a lot November–April, It’s tropical rain though, so it never last long, and it’s a wonderful experience. Just stay under the rain when it’s hot. Amazing.

Toddlers or Little Kids : Which Toys and Activities To bring On A Plane

Toddlers or Little Kids : Which Toys and Activities To bring On A Plane

Traveling with a kid or several kids can be a difficult experience : is giving you tips about what to bring on a plane.

Ever traveled with your kid on a plane, on a bus or on a train ? Only parents cant understand what’s it’s like having a 2, 3 or 4 year old child inside a big box for 8 hours. Or even just 2 ! The accusing look from other passengers, the stress. If you experienced that only once, and plan to do it again, here are our best tips to survive that trip !

Give them their own backpacks

Kids want attention, and want to be given stuff to do. Just like you have your own backpack, they will want to copy you. So give them a little bag to their stuff in. Put some toys in it, snacks… This will keep them busy at their airport and during the flight.

Books and coloring book

There will be a time during the flight when your kids will want to interact with you. So bring books to read to them. Better get some new ones, so their favorites don’t get lost. Then, coloring books, obviously. Some kids can play for hours with them. The TSA state that it is fine to bring colored pens on a plane in both your carry on and checked bags. So just take them. I wouldn’t recommended Play-doh and stuff that can be lost or… Thrown to other passengers.

Action figure toys/dolls

Kids want action. They will have to have some action during a 8+ hour flight. Bring a few of their favorite toy, but not all of them. 2 or 3 will be enough and won’t likely get lost.

Stuffed animals

Your kid(s) will need to cuddle from time to time. Their Stuffed animal will help in that case. they are their best friend and will help them deal with that stressful journey.


Your kid will likely refuse to eat what’s served on the plane. So bring their own snacks, something you know they will like. A plane trip is no judgment day, so bring anything, but try and take snacks that don’t contain too much sugar…

In Flight entertainment

Yes, it is recommended for Kids under 6 to have a limited screen time. But flying is the exception maybe. As a parent, we all know sometimes that you have to bend the rules. An 8 hours flight without physical activities is long for an adult, and even longer for a child. Remember, they don’t “feel” time the same way we do.

In Flight entertainment have a lot of kids stuff to watch nowadays. But my advice would be : 20 minutes screen time, another activity, then screen time, another activity, and so on. But if that doesn’t work, just leave them alone and let them watch stuff. It’s very hard for little kids to stay on a plane for so long.

An iPad

Bring and iPad. Just do. There are many things you can do with it : draw, play games, watch cartoons… It’s an exceptional device for such a trip.

Bring new stuff or toys

New toy can save your traveling experience. Kids will likely play more with new toys and for a long time. You can still bring a few of their favorite toys, but bet on new stuff. Plus, you won’t have to worry about lost pieces on favorite toys. The Travel Toy is the key to a “relaxing” flight.

Don’t over Pack

Kids won’t play with a lot of toys during a flight. They will likely play a little with their favorite toy and then forget about it. As we said, new toys can help. Before you leave, let them choose 3 of their fav toys and that’s it ! No more…

Where to seat your kid ?

We say… It depends on your kids. If he/she is very active, put them between dad and mom. That way, both of you can handle the little electric thing that he/she is. If calm, why not try and put him/her in the seat close to the window. That way they can discover the sky, dream and watch amazing stuff. Then, dad and mom can switch seat next to the little one to play with her/him.

What To Drink (And Not Drink) On A Plane

What To Drink (And Not Drink) On A Plane

Coffee, Tea, Wine, Water, Juice… : What’s the best drink to have on a plane ? A tricky question is answering for you.

Coffee, Tea, Wine, Water, Juice… There’s a lot of stuff to drink on a plane. It can be tricky to choose, and sometimes even a bit dangerous. Here are the best drinks to have on a plane.

What Not to Drink

What not to drink ? A plane ride is strenuous for the body, so you need to be careful about what you gonna put in yours.

Tap Water : First, U.S. federal law supposedly requires airlines to provide safe drinking water. Yes, but studies show that you should avoid drinking tap water on a flight, simply because it can contain harmful bacteria. Airlines don’t clean the aircraft water tanks very often.

Tea or Coffee : Tea and Coffee are made with tap water, so avoid those drinks too. Plus, they can have a negative impact on your body, you’ll be dehydrated. Flying alone make your body dehydrated. So don’t add dehydration to dehydration. Just skip those drink. You’ll be even calmer…

Sodas : Avoid sodas as well. Dry air and low cabin pressure will make your soda tasteless, and could give you some stomach ache as well. You could feel bloated and feel the need to… You know…

Alcohol : Same as tea and coffee, it will make you uncomfortable, alcohol accelerates dehydration too.

What to drink then ?

Your own water : simple. Just buy a bottle of water before the flight (even though it’s expensive) or just bring your own reusable bottle and fill at a water fountain after you passed security. No ice, not too cold, not too hot. Just plain and simple water.

Ginger ale : You could also try ginger ale, if your tummy is feeling the pain. but tomato juice is probably the best option f you don’t want water. Low-pressure in the airplane cabins increase the drink’s taste.

Some Alcohol : If you really want alcohol, ask for a vodka and tomato juice or a gin and tonic. Sauvignon blanc or pinot noir can also be asked to flight attendants, but remember, alcohol is not recommended…

Qatari Men caught taking pictures of Ivana Knöll, the “sexiest” supporter at the World Cup

Qatari Men caught taking pictures of Ivana Knöll, the “sexiest” supporter at the World Cup

Ivana Knoll, the unofficial World Cup’s ‘sexiest fan’, make Qatar blush during the World Cup: some Qatari Men were quite impressed.

Croatia is still in the World Cup, and Ivana Knoll has no intention to leave Qatar until her country is eliminated. The Croatian model, 26, first caught attention during the match between Croatia and Saudi Arabia.

Since then she made social media exploded at every game. She wears little clothes and doesn’t fear arrest in Qatar, despite strict modesty rules in the conservative country. Male and female visitors advised to ‘dress modestly’ in public during the World cup, but Ivana Knoll is here to make Qatar think again. “how my dress or bikini can hurt someone? Please explain me that”, she says. “I heard about the rules and I was shocked. The dress code forbids showing shoulders, knees, belly and everything and I was like ‘Oh my God, I don’t even have the clothes to cover all of that”, she adds.

“I was super angry because if I’m not a Muslim and if we in Europe respect hijab and niqab, I think they need also to respect our way of life, our religion and in the end me wearing dresses, bikinis because I’m Catholic from Croatia who is here because of the World Cup. But when I arrived I was surprised they were not making any problems about dressing, they allow you to wear everything what you want – except in government buildings, and in the end that’s fine”.

Ivana Knoll says she doesn’t fear being arrested. She probably won’t be though…

And during the last Croatian game, some Qatari Men, dressed in tradtionnal clothing, just couldn’t look away, and took picture of the young woman. Maybe hosting the world cup in Qatar was a good idea after all ?

How to Choose the Best Seat On a Plane ?

How to Choose the Best Seat On a Plane ?

Kids, turbulence, leg room, sleep : what are the best seats in a plane ? is giving you the best tips to find the best seats for a comfortable flight.

Choosing a seat in a plane is more important than ever. With reduced space, finding the perfect seat for your flight is key to a great journey. What are the best seats on a plane ?

Best seat if you are afraid of turbulence

Vast question ! We say, it depends… If you are afraid of turbulence, the best seat for a relaxing ride is a seat over the wing. That’s where you will feel turbulence the less. (What is turbulence, should you be scared of it ? Read our guide here.)

We also recommend, if you have the choice, to pick the biggest plane you can find. Turbulence are usually less felt in a big plane.

Best seat for space

If you need space, if you are tall and need legroom especially, we recommend an aisle seat in the second exit row. Exit row are wider for security reasons. If you have to exit the plane in a emergency landing, you will be firs to leave too… Many planes have two over-wing exit rows. Choose the second row, simply because first exit row will not be able to recline in front of you.

Best seat with Kids

If you are traveling with kids : the best seat is a bulkhead seat next to a window. you likely get the whole row though, with dad, mom and the little one. They are usually located at the front of the plane. You will feel a bit safer and won’t annoy any passenger in front of you…

Best seat for large passengers

If you need a large seat, any aisle seat will do. But be aware that people will come and go next to you all the time… Avoid window seats.

Best seat to sleep

If you like to sleep on a plane, we recommend a window seat near the front, on the left side of the plane. that’s where there is less “traffic” with people getting up to walk or go to the bathroom. When on a window seat, you wont bother anyone by having to get up all the time… and you, yourself, won’t have to get up all the time. And you can lean against the window. Let me tell you, on some Delta Airlines flights, that seat was the best on the plane ! A lot of space between the window and the seat, and even a “mini bar” to store drinks. It was heaven. The front of the plane is also less noisy.