Clothes, Documents, Toiletries, Medication : The Packing List for Smart Travelers

Clothes, Documents, Toiletries, Medication : The Packing List for Smart Travelers

What do you need in your bag to travel smart ? is giving you the ultimate list.


You don’t need that many clothes to travel. Even for long trip, 2 or 3 weeks, laundry is your friend. It will save you a lot of energy, because you won’t have to carry your heavy bag. So, what to bring ? Here is out list.

Forget jeans. Bring light pants (2). Lightweight convertible pants/shorts with zip-off legs are a good idea, but sometimes they look a bit silly. Why not try some Dockers pants, with a zipped pocket. They are light, comfortable and easy to carry.

Underwear and socks. Five sets of each will get you covered even for a long trip. Shoes ? Bring one comfortable pair and one pair of sandals, if you plan to hit the beach. Swimsuit ? Well yes, you are on vacation, and you will likely find a beach or a pool somewhere…

Sweater or fleece ? We recommend a fleece. It’s light, warm and easier to wash than cotton or wool sweaters. Bring one light fleece, and a heavier one if you travel during the winter.

Jacket. One word: Water-resistant. You never know when it will rain, and being wet is the worst when you travel. Fleece will do the warmth, so try and find a windbreaker one that is heavily water-resistant. Even in the summer, always carry a water-resistant Jacket.

Sleepwear. Don’t bring your pajamas. a short and a t-shirt will do the trick. Or you can even try sleeping… naked.

Important documents

The most important to never forget or lose is your passport, or ID. Always put it in the same pocket, and on yourself. Don’t put it in a bag, that can be easily lost or stolen. Some pants and shorts have zipped pocket, so find one that suits you and put your passport in it. Money belts scream tourist, and can attract crime, so we don’t recommend it.

Always make copies of your documents: passport; plane, train, rental car documents, driver’s license, student ID, hostel membership card… etc and send them to yourself on your email. Print copies and put them in your bag. That way, you will have 3 different way of identify yourself. Don’t forget health or travel insurance.

Money ? We live in the 21st century. Forget cash when you travel. Use a debit card or a credit card. You can still take a few dollars or any other local currency with you. But no need to bring it from your home. Just find a local ATM and withdraw a few bucks.

Documents. Bring your passport; plane, train, and rental car documents or vouchers; driver’s license; and any other useful cards (student ID, hostel membership card, and so on). Photocopies and a couple of passport-type photos can help you get replacements more quickly if the originals are lost or stolen. In your luggage, pack a record of all reservations (print out your hotel confirmation emails). Bring any necessary contact info if you have health or travel insurance.

A bag in your bag. Especially for longer travel
A smaller backpack bag will be helpful. Leave the big bah at the hotel and use a backpack, a small one, for everyday visits. But remember, keep your documents, preferably on yourself !


Bring some medecine with you, for headaches especially. Or stomach pain. Don’t forget your first-aid kit, which can sometimes be very useful. Toiletries kit can also be helpful: your own soap, shampoo… etc. But they are not accepted in carry on bags, so put it in your aircraft hold luggage. Additional sunglasses can also help if you lose yours.


Electronics have become important in our everyday lives : your smartphone is obvious, but you can also bring a portable battery, plug adapters, USB flash drive and additional charging cables, in case you lose one. Headphones too, in ear or over-ear, are highly recommended for long flights.

Written by axel

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