Can You Bring (and Drink) Alcohol On A Plane ?

Can You Bring (and Drink) Alcohol On A Plane ?

Is it allowed to bring alcohol on a plane ? Yes… and no. Here is everything you need to know.

What are the Rules for Alcohol on a Plane ?

Alcohol during a flight… the big question. Can you take your favorite beverage with you ? Airlines, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and Transportation Security Administrations (TSA) have strict rules. What you can carry with you is specified by the quantity and alcohol percentage of alcohol by volume (ABV).

You can bring some alcohol in your carry-on bag. But the FAA has limitations : the alcoholic beverage needs to be 24% alcohol by volume or 48 proof on a plane. And the total quantity can’t be more 3.4oz per person. It also needs to fit in a one quart-size, clear, zip-top bag.

It is forbidden to take a beverage that contains more than 70% alcohol content. They will just take that away from You.

Alcohol in a Checked Bag

Alcoholic beverages with less than 24% ABV or 48 proof are not limited in checked luggage. So in theory, you can check a bag full of those… But up to 5 liters, in a sealable bottle or flask. This limit is given by passenger.

It is (again) forbidden to take a beverage that contains more than 70% alcohol content. They will just take that away from You, even in a checked bag. Remember, customs do random checks, and if they find that in your bag, you’re in big trouble. Don’t even try…

Duty-Free Alcohol

The famous Duty-Free Alcohol. A souvenir that’s more expensive than any other alcohol you’ve ever bought. Duty-Free alcohol beverages after the security checkpoint can be as high as 5 liters and between 24% and 70% ABV per passenger. BUT ! (there is always a but) : You will need a proof that you purchased the alcoholic beverages within the last 48 hours from a duty-free shop. And the Duty-Free store will study you, check your plane ticket and identity. You will have to show that passport. Flights Attendants will be warned that you have bought that alcohol and you will be under much scrutiny during the whole flight.

Can you Drink That Alcohol ?

You’re joking right ? No exception. That alcohol stays in its bag. Even if you bought it in the duty-free section. FAA regulations prohibit passengers from drinking the alcohol they brought aboard. Only Flight attendants can give you some alcohol, and they will closely monitor what you ingest.

Can you Be Drunk on a Plane ?

Well, that depends on your body. Some people are almost drunk after one tiny little glass, some needs full bottles and strong alcohol. The answer is yes, you can get drunk. But be aware that your actions might get you in trouble. Disturbing passengers, abusing flight attendants are strictly not tolerated on a plane. You could end up in jail and land in the no fly list. This is no joke. There is no tolerance. Flight attendants might restrict your alcohol intake if they think you’re gonna be trouble.

Can minors get alcohol ?

Minors are also not served alcohol on flights, but some airlines make exceptions. It will then depend on the parent. If the child is old enough, they might agree to serve alcohol. When i was a kid in the 90s (I was 16 !), i drank full bottle of wine on flights, it as pretty normal. Things have changed though.

But… Should you Drink alcohol on a plane ?

Just like tea and coffee, alcohol can make you uncomfortable during a flight, alcohol accelerates dehydration too. So it’s mostly not recommended. You are warned.

Written by Scott Cyprian

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