How to Prepare for a Long Trip : Tips from Doctors

How to Prepare for a Long Trip : Tips from Doctors

Long Flights, or long Trips can be exhausting: gives you all the best tips to prepare your Body.

1. Sleep, sleep and sleep

The best way to travel with little fatigue is to get enough sleep, doctors recommend. Planning, stress and the even excitement of your first vacation in a year (or years) can add a lot of pain to your body. So don’t forget to sleep well and a lot a few days before your departure. When traveling, you will be exposed to a lot of new viruses and bacteria. Help your immune system by getting a lot of rest.

2. Workout

Just like you would stay in shape for summer or for everyday live, workout before a long trip. Your body will have to deal with walking, lifting heavy bags, steps down, steps up, waiting in line… etc. So be prepared. Boost your system before your vacation is the best way to travel well, according to doctors.

3. Drink… water

Drink a lot of water before a long trip or flight, according to doctors. Staying well hydrated is key. Drink at list two or thee liters of water per day. It will boost your system. And when you are flying, remember to also drink a lot during the flight. No coffee or soft drinks, water, water and water. Caffeinated drinks and alcohol will cause dehydration of your body, and you don’t want that during a 8+ hour flight.

4. Supplements

Try immune-boosting supplement before travel. It will help your body prepare for that long trip. Five days before your vacation or business trip, take some vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and probiotics. Doctors recommend taking those supplements to help the body fight viruses and bacteria that you will no doubt encounter at the airport, in the bus or taxi, or in the plane.

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