Christmas Under The Sun : Where to Fly To ?

Christmas Under The Sun : Where to Fly To ?

You can spend Christmas with your family, or you can have a very special Christmas under the sun : But where to ? is giving you a few sunny destination to spend a unique Christmas.


A very famous destination to have a sunny Christmas. Located adrift in the Indian Ocean, a thousand miles from the nearest coast of Africa, Seychelles is paradise island. Yes, it can rain during the Christmas period in Seychelles, but mot of the time, you will have hot days in the sun.

When to go ? From October to November, but December works too.

Thai islands

Thailand is great destination for the Winter. The islands of Thailand is another paradise on earth, it’s located on the coast of Thailand. There are many islands to choose from.

When to go ? From November to March

Yucatan, Mexico

Mexico is another destination for the Winter. Not too far for US residents, The Yucatan is the safest region in Mexico, mostly populated by tourists. If you like spending days at the beach and visit (but not too much), it’s the best destination for your.

When to go ? From November to March

Bora Bora, Tahiti & French Polynesia

Yet another paradise. but it’s a bit far to reach. And people speak mostly french. You will need that online translator.

When to go ? From October to March


Another paradise next to USA. Crystal clear water, smooth sandy beaches and not too crowded. Bermuda is the best choice for a quick Christmas or Winter vacation. Scuba diving, cocktails, doing nothing on the beach… this is Bermuda. Plus, maybe you will have time to solve the famous mystery of the Bermuda Triangle !

When to go ? From October to March


Even closer to the USA, the Bahamas is like going away from home while still being at home. It’s not too far from Florida. Another short trip if you don’t have a lot of vacation days.

When to go ? From October to March


If you don’t like too much hot sun, California is a good destination. South Cali isn’t too hot in the Winter. You can mix Los Angeles, San Diego and Palm Springs. It’s the perfect winter road trip. And you can stop at the beach too if you feel like it.

When to go ? From October to May


Staying in the US can also be an option. Florida is a good destination if you like beaches and parties. And it is not that hot during the winter months, so if you plan on finding a sunny, but not too hot Christmas, maybe Florida is the obvious choice.

When to go ? From November to April


The most famous winter destination, Bali is located in Indonesia. A very long trip if you come from the US. But it’s a trip that has to be done at least once.

When to go ? Year-round. but it can rain a lot November–April, It’s tropical rain though, so it never last long, and it’s a wonderful experience. Just stay under the rain when it’s hot. Amazing.

Written by Carey Sherie

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