What you should do Before, During and After Flying to Stay Healthy

What you should do Before, During and After Flying to Stay Healthy

Staying Healthy is an important part of traveling : here what you need to do to have a very healthy flight.

Before the Flight

Maybe you are a sport maniac. Many you are not. In any case, working out before a long flight, a long travel, is recommended. You’re gonna stay in a confined space, say a plane cabin, for long hours, and your Body will feel a bit stuck. So try and move before you fly. A Few days before : walking, running, swimming, or anything to stretch your Body.

At the airport, of before boarding a bus, do some light stretching.

During the Flight

It’s best not to eat too much before boarding a plane, or going away on a road trip. Avoid carbs, get a light meal of protein and salad. And Hydrate ! We can’t recommend this enough. Drink at least two full water bottles few hours before you go. A plane trip will dehydrate your body.

Don’t forget to move. During a flight, get up of your seat and walk around. Lack of movement can increase risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). It’s not common, but be aware of that. To help your body, take some vitamin supplements, and during the flight, some snacks that you like, but too sugary.

After the Flight

Your body will feel a bit sore after a 8 hour or 11-hour flight. A good thing to do is to stretch while waiting for your luggage, or waiting to pass customs. You could also get some workout done at the hotel if there is a gym, or hit that pool (even if it’s a bit dirty, go for it, you’ll take a very satisfying shower afterwards). Stretch again just before bed, to help your body relax.

And don’t hit that open buffet too hard. Eat lightly after your flight, your body doesn’t need too many calories, you’ve been seating for 10 hours ! 🙂 No sugar, no alcohol. Wait a few days. Water or tea is recommended. My personal favorite is always the banana, even during a flight. It’s easy to eat and is good for you in every occasion. You can also take some magnesium, or cereals wiht low sugar.

Written by axel

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