How to start running again ?

How to start running again ?

Want to start running again ? It feels difficult, but it’s not that difficult, has the best advice right here to travel very fast soon when you are running.

It’s been years since you wanted to start running again. But every year, you push that dream back a few days, months. There’s always something better to do right ? Well the time has come ! is gonna help you get back on your feet, and move those feet fast.

Your Mental gets you going

Like a lot of people, it took me a long time before I started running again. Back pain, small ankles. I just couldn’t commit to it. But i was just overthinking it. Just go and run. Running is probably the easiest sports there is. You just need running shoes. You don’t even need sports apparel, but it’s easier with it though, it’s gonna become your armor.

How to run…

There is no miracle method. I suggest you pick a place where you feel good. A Park, or streets you like. Maybe make an itinerary first and follow it. Just star slow, like fast walking for 10 minutes. Then start to slowly run. It will be hard at first, i’m not lying. But then, your body will adapt to the pace. Run again for a few minutes : 10 minutes is good for the first time, then just add 5 minutes to every time you go out. When it feels a bit hard, or you are running out of breath, stop. But don’t stop walking. Again, walk a bit fast, then slowly slow down.

Prevent Injury With Stretching

Stretching is important. stretch before you go out for a run, just for a few minutes. You need to activate those muscles. After the run, stretch again. Just after the run is good idea, and then after your shower, and just before bed. The more you strecth, the easier the first run will be.

Make a plan… but Don’t feel guilty

It’s good to have a running plan. Try and add some some easy targets to reach first, like adding a few minutes, or another mile to your running routine. If it’s too hard, don’t push it. Just try to run what you ran the last time for the first few days, then add some difficulty to it.

If you dont achieve your goals during the first few runs, it’s just ok. Running well and long takes time. The first few times, you might feel like a fool next to that guy who runs a marathon. But that’s ok, he too started like you, bu running only a few miles.

Spot your weakness

Your body might need help. The first few runs are also made to rebuild your muscles, tendons and ligaments. They will ask you for a lot water, so don’t forget to drink 2 hours before your run, and right after. Then again before bed.

As i said, i have very small ankles for my size (i’m 6’1) and need ankle sleeve to relive the pain from running. Many sports brands have what you may need, whether it is for ankles, knees or back pain. Don’t hesitate to form your own armor, it will help you greatly.

Inside or outside ?

It’s up to you really. I don’t like running indoor, on a treadmill. I like nature, watching trees and squirrells. It’s part of the charm of running. But if you like being among other runners, just go for it and take that gym membership. You can even try and find a group or new runners like you. There are a lot of people who are looking for running friends. But it’s gonna be hard to talk and run the first few times, let me tell you !


You need shoes, but what shoes ? You need to pick shoes that will fit you best. Luckily, Sports stores can now help you choose the right pair. My advice is to always go to your local store and ask for advice. They will study your feet, how you run and help you choose the best running shoes.

Written by Scott Cyprian

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