Travel During Pregancy : What You Need to Know

Travel During Pregancy : What You Need to Know

What To Know About Travel During Pregnancy ? We answers all your question regarding this very special kind of travel.

Can you travel when pregnant ?

Of course you can. But you need to talk to your doctor first, and make sure that everything is fine in your case, to travel safely. And be prepared in case of any medical emergencies.

When is the due date ?

Doctors rule is simple, the closer you are to the due date, the closer you should stay to home. If you travel by plane, some airlines could restrict passengers from boarding planes, especially in the last month of pregnancy. The third trimester is not recommended to travel. stay close to your doctor. Baby first.

What are your Medical conditions ?

Before you plan your next trip, be sure to check with your doctor about any medical conditions you may have. They will likely adapt your travel if you suffer from Anemia, Gestational diabetes, or High blood pressure. They may even prevent you from traveling. And when the day has come to travel, bring your medical records with you.

If you are traveling by plane

It’s safe to travel by plane during pregnancy, but more than any other passengers, you will need to stretch your legs and avoid blood clots. So get up, walk along the (small) aisle, stretch and stretch again. This is especially true for long flights.

Be careful about what you eat and drink

Avoid eating and drinking anything that is served on the plane. The water quality is especially important. Bring your own water, your own food.

Check your Health insurance, find the nearest hospital

Before you travel, be sure that your health insurance cover the destination you’re going to visit. Maybe you will have to purchase insurance just for your trip. When you are on your vacation, make sure to locate the nearest hospital.

Again, don’t worry too much but be prepared. Traveling whilst pregnant can be a good vacation from pregnancy routine, but you need to stay safe too.

Written by Svetlana Avila

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