How to lose weight by walking ?

How to lose weight by walking ?

If you want to lost weight but don’t like running, we have a solution for you : you can walk. Just walk, and get slim easily.

An Easy Exercise

Walking is the easiest exercise there is. Everybody knows how to walk. You don’t need those special running shoes. You just need your legs and you motivation. walking for 1 hour per day can help you lose weight. Here is how.

1 hour a day, lost weight

The average walking pace for adults is 3 mph. The equation is simple : the faster you walk and the more you weigh, the more calories you will burn. but don’t start too fast. Try just walking a bit faster than usual, first for 20 minutes, then add 10 minutes each day : 30 minutes the second etc… and so on. Adapt your pace too. Try and walk faster and faster as the days pass. And if you feel like it, maybe try and run for a few minutes too during that exercise.

One hour a day might seem a lot, but you can easily fit it before going to work by waking up a bit earlier, or after work, instead of scrolling on your smartphone 😉 (not judging, i do it too… )

Walking yes, but need diet too

Exercising is good, but you have to mix it with a change in your diet. Radical change is needed if you don’t have vegetables or fruits in your diet. Forget sodas (diet sodas too !), limit carbs and try also to limit cheese and red meat. Instead, opt for fruits that will fill you up like bananas. I recently adopted Oat meal for breakfast and it’s a game changer. Pick one with low sugar, and it will help you be less hungry during the day. It can be a daily snack too. Anyway, back to meals : chicken, pasta, rice, cucumber, avocado and toast… You name it. Don’t starve yourself, i won’t help. Instead, try and eat less during each meal gradually, opt for water instead of sodas or wine. I especially enjoy almonds and pistachio which are full of good things for your body. And they will help you with the hungry tummy.

Walking will make you healthier

Walking has benefits : it can decrease LDL (bad) cholesterol, increase HDL (good) cholesterol, decrease blood pressure. You will feel better, interact better with other people.

Yes, but walking is boring

Is it ? There are many ways to walk. You can walk listening to music, or podcast, or radio. You can easily discover streets you never walked into, new houses, new neighborhoods. It can be an adventure, just a few minutes away from your home. You can split your hour into two 30 minutes walks: one in the morning, one in the evening. You can also find people to walk with.

Written by Scott Cyprian

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