What To Drink (And Not Drink) On A Plane

What To Drink (And Not Drink) On A Plane

Coffee, Tea, Wine, Water, Juice… : What’s the best drink to have on a plane ? A tricky question wtravl.com is answering for you.

Coffee, Tea, Wine, Water, Juice… There’s a lot of stuff to drink on a plane. It can be tricky to choose, and sometimes even a bit dangerous. Here are the best drinks to have on a plane.

What Not to Drink

What not to drink ? A plane ride is strenuous for the body, so you need to be careful about what you gonna put in yours.

Tap Water : First, U.S. federal law supposedly requires airlines to provide safe drinking water. Yes, but studies show that you should avoid drinking tap water on a flight, simply because it can contain harmful bacteria. Airlines don’t clean the aircraft water tanks very often.

Tea or Coffee : Tea and Coffee are made with tap water, so avoid those drinks too. Plus, they can have a negative impact on your body, you’ll be dehydrated. Flying alone make your body dehydrated. So don’t add dehydration to dehydration. Just skip those drink. You’ll be even calmer…

Sodas : Avoid sodas as well. Dry air and low cabin pressure will make your soda tasteless, and could give you some stomach ache as well. You could feel bloated and feel the need to… You know…

Alcohol : Same as tea and coffee, it will make you uncomfortable, alcohol accelerates dehydration too.

What to drink then ?

Your own water : simple. Just buy a bottle of water before the flight (even though it’s expensive) or just bring your own reusable bottle and fill at a water fountain after you passed security. No ice, not too cold, not too hot. Just plain and simple water.

Ginger ale : You could also try ginger ale, if your tummy is feeling the pain. but tomato juice is probably the best option f you don’t want water. Low-pressure in the airplane cabins increase the drink’s taste.

Some Alcohol : If you really want alcohol, ask for a vodka and tomato juice or a gin and tonic. Sauvignon blanc or pinot noir can also be asked to flight attendants, but remember, alcohol is not recommended…

Written by Carey Sherie

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