Toddlers or Little Kids : Which Toys and Activities To bring On A Plane

Toddlers or Little Kids : Which Toys and Activities To bring On A Plane

Traveling with a kid or several kids can be a difficult experience : is giving you tips about what to bring on a plane.

Ever traveled with your kid on a plane, on a bus or on a train ? Only parents cant understand what’s it’s like having a 2, 3 or 4 year old child inside a big box for 8 hours. Or even just 2 ! The accusing look from other passengers, the stress. If you experienced that only once, and plan to do it again, here are our best tips to survive that trip !

Give them their own backpacks

Kids want attention, and want to be given stuff to do. Just like you have your own backpack, they will want to copy you. So give them a little bag to their stuff in. Put some toys in it, snacks… This will keep them busy at their airport and during the flight.

Books and coloring book

There will be a time during the flight when your kids will want to interact with you. So bring books to read to them. Better get some new ones, so their favorites don’t get lost. Then, coloring books, obviously. Some kids can play for hours with them. The TSA state that it is fine to bring colored pens on a plane in both your carry on and checked bags. So just take them. I wouldn’t recommended Play-doh and stuff that can be lost or… Thrown to other passengers.

Action figure toys/dolls

Kids want action. They will have to have some action during a 8+ hour flight. Bring a few of their favorite toy, but not all of them. 2 or 3 will be enough and won’t likely get lost.

Stuffed animals

Your kid(s) will need to cuddle from time to time. Their Stuffed animal will help in that case. they are their best friend and will help them deal with that stressful journey.


Your kid will likely refuse to eat what’s served on the plane. So bring their own snacks, something you know they will like. A plane trip is no judgment day, so bring anything, but try and take snacks that don’t contain too much sugar…

In Flight entertainment

Yes, it is recommended for Kids under 6 to have a limited screen time. But flying is the exception maybe. As a parent, we all know sometimes that you have to bend the rules. An 8 hours flight without physical activities is long for an adult, and even longer for a child. Remember, they don’t “feel” time the same way we do.

In Flight entertainment have a lot of kids stuff to watch nowadays. But my advice would be : 20 minutes screen time, another activity, then screen time, another activity, and so on. But if that doesn’t work, just leave them alone and let them watch stuff. It’s very hard for little kids to stay on a plane for so long.

An iPad

Bring and iPad. Just do. There are many things you can do with it : draw, play games, watch cartoons… It’s an exceptional device for such a trip.

Bring new stuff or toys

New toy can save your traveling experience. Kids will likely play more with new toys and for a long time. You can still bring a few of their favorite toys, but bet on new stuff. Plus, you won’t have to worry about lost pieces on favorite toys. The Travel Toy is the key to a “relaxing” flight.

Don’t over Pack

Kids won’t play with a lot of toys during a flight. They will likely play a little with their favorite toy and then forget about it. As we said, new toys can help. Before you leave, let them choose 3 of their fav toys and that’s it ! No more…

Where to seat your kid ?

We say… It depends on your kids. If he/she is very active, put them between dad and mom. That way, both of you can handle the little electric thing that he/she is. If calm, why not try and put him/her in the seat close to the window. That way they can discover the sky, dream and watch amazing stuff. Then, dad and mom can switch seat next to the little one to play with her/him.

Written by Carey Sherie

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