Business Travel Tips from Frequent Travelers

Business Travel Tips from Frequent Travelers

Business Travel is unlike any other Travel : gives you the best advice to travel for work.

1. Travel with a carry-on only

Business Travel are never that long. You don’t need a big bag for a few days. At most, you will likely travel from Monday through Thursday or Friday. Your stuff will fit in a carry-on, that you can bring with you in the plane. Plus, checked luggage takes times when you leave and when you arrive. Don’t waste your time.

2. Choose a practical and strong luggage

A fancy luggage will get you some likes, but a resistant luggage will get you anywhere. With carry-on suitcase, choose one that has spinner wheels, and therefore, can follow you in any direction. But don’t Forget to choose one that will fit in the overhead compartment in the airplane. Usually, they are 22″ x 14″ x 9″.

3. Check in in advance

As a business traveler, you will likely won’t spend time checking in at the airport. Most airline apps allow you to check in for your flight early, or even change your seat. With your electronic boarding pass, you won’t need to print it.

4. Bring portable chargers : smartphone AND laptop

The worst at airport or in planes, is to be out of battery. Don’t forget a portable charger for both your phone and laptop. Keep it in your luggage at all times.

5. Travel essentials

Always have a pack with Travel essentials ready to do at home : toiletries, medication and first aid kit are recommended. You don’t want to have an headache during the flight and nothing to make it go away.

6. Earplugs

You never know where you are gonna spend the night, or several nights. The hotel might be noisy, so earplugs are highly recommended for a good night sleep. That air conditioner might also give you some trouble sleeping…

7. How about lounge..

As a business traveler, you likely have access to the airport lounge. Ask you company if you can get an access, it will be a relief when you wait for your plane at the airport.

8. Watch what you spend

It’s likely that you will have to put expenses on your personal credit card and then be reimbursed by your company. So don’t lose anything, keep track of everything. Take a picture of every receipt and make a quick list of every dollar spent.

9 Never Pack the morning of your flight

Don’t be in a rush. It’s better to prepare for your trip the night before. You will then have a better night sleep, knowing everything is ready to do. Monday mornings are always stressful, don’t add stress to stress !

10. Visit , have fun !

If you have time, take the opportunity to explore the city you are in. Business is business, but those trips are also a good way to quickly discover something new. If you can, take some time off and have fun.

Written by axel

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