Eco-Friendly Trip : How to Travel and Save the Planet

Eco-Friendly Trip : How to Travel and Save the Planet

Planes are not Eco-Friendly, but there are many ways to travel and save the environment, or limit your carbon dioxide emissions during your journey.

Flying is not that Eco-Friendly… Well it depends

Did you know that the aviation industry produces around 2.1% of all human-induced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Surprising right ? It is not that high after all. Airplanes alone are responsible for 12% of CO2 emissions from all transports sources, when road transports (bus, private cars, trucks) make 74%. So if you are not flying that often, don’t feel too guilty.

If you wanna know exactly what amount of carbon dioxide emissions you will produce during your flight, here is a simulator. Just enter your destination. For instance, two passengers from New York to Paris will burn 1318.8 KG in CO2 for a round trip in Economy Class. Is it a lot ? It’s a question for experts, but it gives you an estimate compared to let’s say a personal car which will emit roughly 4.6 metric tons per year. If you don’t own a car, let’s say you are good to go on that annual trip yes ? but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful during your vacation.

How to move: public transports, bike, walk

The answer to limit your carbon footprint whether you’re on vacation, working or simply chilling is always public transportation. There are many big cities that are best discover with public transports. Even Taxi or Uber can be a hassle in New York, London, LA or Paris. Use the Tube, the Metro, the Bus, trams… or just walk, bike. There’s plenty of way to visit any City without having your own car. Plus, you won’t have to find and pay for a parking spot. Eco-Friendly and economic…

Eco-Friendly Hotels

Hotels are responsible for a lot pollution : Electricty wasted, Food waiste, Cleaning… some Hotels are more Eco-Friendly than others. They use renewable sources, or have recycling programs  like the ones listed here. Some will also offer electric rental car or Eco-Friendly visits.

No Plastic

If you are traveling, chances are you will waste a lot of plastic. Or maybe you can try and reduce that amount. Bring your own water bottle. It will be easy to fill at the airport water fountain, in your room at the hotel or you can just ask in any restaurant to fill it for you. Bring your own utensils for eating, that way you won’t have to use those plastic ones. You can also bring your own coffee mug if you want to buy a drink.

Bring Your Own Toiletries

Having your own eco-friendly Toiletries will reduce the waste your produce. Don’t forget to put it in your checked bags, as they won’t likely go through security: shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste. All of this can be added to your checked bag. You can also use what the Hotel is giving you in your room such as soaps, shampoos. No need to buy all of this when you arrive at destination. And it will probably cheaper too.

At The Hotel : leave your room alone

your Hotel Room don’t need cleaning every day : just Hang up your towels. The cleaning department will know that you don’t want them changed. You will likely stay a few days anyway. How often do you wash your towels at home ? Adopt the same strategy and just put them on the floor only when you leave.

Leave the “do not disturb” sign on : that way, the cleaning ladies won’t come and make you room every. It will reduce unnecessary washing of linen, vacuuming, and use of chemicals. And save electricty too. It might not be much, but on the scale of every hotel in the world, if every guests was doing that, it would have a big impact. Just be the change…

Written by Joey Smith

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