The best tips for Long Haul Flights

The best tips for Long Haul Flights

Long Haul Flights… are very long : gives you the best advice to ease the journey if you are flying for 8 or 11 hours.

Traveling via plane can be stressful. Even more so when it’s Long Haul Flights. When flying from USA to Europe or Asia, you will have to seat in a very secluded airplane for 8 or 10 or 12 hours. Even with entertainment, that is long. Here are our advice to make things easier.

1. Book the best seats

Booking the right seat can be crucial. Nothing worse than being the middle seat of a 3 or even worse, 5 or 4 persons row. Book a seat with a window. Our advice is to book the 1st row, which has more leg room, but the downside is that maybe they will ask you to give it up for a family. But it’s a risk worth taking.

If you dont like turbulence, make sure too book a seat that’s right above the plane wings. You will hardly feel it… Avoid at all cost the back of the plan which is usually where the bathroom are.

2. Take comfy clothes

Thick socks, a fleece and yoga or relaxed pants are a must. The plane will be basically, your bedroom for the night. Forget jeans. Wear Comfy clothes, and don’t forget, it can be really cold in planes.

3. Take some extra entertainment

Yes, planes are now equiped with in flight entertainment. But sometimes, you cant find something to watch. So why take your own ? Bring an ipad or a tablet with movie you wanted to see for months, shows that you’ve missed… or books and music. The key is that have variety. No one will watch 8 movies during long flights. Your mind isn’t prepared for it.

5. The less luggage the better

There is no room in planes. Don’t take too much stuff that will end up at your feet. Make room for yourself.

6. Avoid bubbly drinks, wine or alcohol

Just drink water on a plane. No coffee, tea or juice. And forget Coke, Sprite. No Alcohol either. It can have some disturbing effects on your body and you wont be very comfortable for the most part of the flight.

To say things simply, you tend to ballon during flights, so avoid drinks that have that effect. And stay hydrated : the humidity is just 10 to 20% inside the plane. That’s drier than a desert. Drink. Water. Often. 

7. Bring a portable charger

8 hours is a long time for a human being. It’s also long for a smartphone or an ipad. You dont want to be without your own private entertainment. So bring a portable charger.

8. Earplugs

Kids, or loud adults can be a real stressful situation in plans. Bring some earplugs, that way you can isolate yourself hen reading a book or sleeping. Plane also make a lot of background noise.

9. Move and stretch

Long Flights are very hard on the body, especially on those very narrow seats. So move. A lot. Often. Get up, walk in the aisle, and stretch. Stretching in the back of the plane is often a good idea. Or even at your own seat.

Written by Joey Smith

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