How to Choose the Best Seat On a Plane ?

How to Choose the Best Seat On a Plane ?

Kids, turbulence, leg room, sleep : what are the best seats in a plane ? is giving you the best tips to find the best seats for a comfortable flight.

Choosing a seat in a plane is more important than ever. With reduced space, finding the perfect seat for your flight is key to a great journey. What are the best seats on a plane ?

Best seat if you are afraid of turbulence

Vast question ! We say, it depends… If you are afraid of turbulence, the best seat for a relaxing ride is a seat over the wing. That’s where you will feel turbulence the less. (What is turbulence, should you be scared of it ? Read our guide here.)

We also recommend, if you have the choice, to pick the biggest plane you can find. Turbulence are usually less felt in a big plane.

Best seat for space

If you need space, if you are tall and need legroom especially, we recommend an aisle seat in the second exit row. Exit row are wider for security reasons. If you have to exit the plane in a emergency landing, you will be firs to leave too… Many planes have two over-wing exit rows. Choose the second row, simply because first exit row will not be able to recline in front of you.

Best seat with Kids

If you are traveling with kids : the best seat is a bulkhead seat next to a window. you likely get the whole row though, with dad, mom and the little one. They are usually located at the front of the plane. You will feel a bit safer and won’t annoy any passenger in front of you…

Best seat for large passengers

If you need a large seat, any aisle seat will do. But be aware that people will come and go next to you all the time… Avoid window seats.

Best seat to sleep

If you like to sleep on a plane, we recommend a window seat near the front, on the left side of the plane. that’s where there is less “traffic” with people getting up to walk or go to the bathroom. When on a window seat, you wont bother anyone by having to get up all the time… and you, yourself, won’t have to get up all the time. And you can lean against the window. Let me tell you, on some Delta Airlines flights, that seat was the best on the plane ! A lot of space between the window and the seat, and even a “mini bar” to store drinks. It was heaven. The front of the plane is also less noisy.

Written by Scott Cyprian

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