Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Traveling alone as woman can dangerous : gives you the best advice to travel solo, safely.

More and more women choose to travel alone. It can be risky in some countries, so best be prepared.

1. Know where you are going

The best way to avoid problematic situation is to know your surrounding. Where am i traveling ? Is this country, City or neighborhood safe ? Learn about the local culture and customs, learn some key phrases in the local language. Research the scams that used.

2. Blend in

The best way to avoir sketchy situations is too look the part. Don’t look like a tourist. Dress in casual clothes that people would wear where you are going. In some countries, women are required to wear long dress, and not to show “too much”. So research that. Even if you don’t agree with those rules, they can save you…

3. Don’t look lost

The worst way to attract trouble is to look lost. Even if you are indeed lost, stay calm, and find a safe place, like a cafe, a restaurant, to look for your way. Don’t ask anyone for direction. Ask women, or people with children.

5. Stay in crowded places

The more people around you, the safer you are. Don’t take empty or little streets, in area you don’t feel safe in. Stay in the crowd.

6. Stay connected

Give updates to friend and family about where you are. Leave your location active on your smartphone and share it before you travel. Send messages about where you are, or pictures.

7. Drink only what you see get made

Don’t drink too much alcohol and stay yourself. Don’t get accept drinks from strangers, and if you order in a bar, watch closely your drink being prepared.

8. Ask for help and trust yourself

If you are being hassled, don’t hesitate to show your strong side. Stay calm, and ask for help around you. The more noise you make about it, the more the attacker will be forced to leave. Don’t act like a victim. If you don’t feel like going a certain way, in a specific street, even if that’s the shorter route, don’t go. Trust your gut and instinct.

Written by Svetlana Avila

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