The best tips to save money on travel

The best tips to save money on travel

Traveling can be expensive : gives you the best advice to travel and save cash.

How to travel and save money while doing so ? It’s a challenge, but we have the best tips to give you right here, right now.

1. Travel when no one is traveling

Summer is always expensive. Christmas ? Same. But if you travel off season, you can find some great deals with flights and hotels. Plus, you will be (almost) alone. No season crowds, traffic and queues. This is especially true for Europe destination, with France and Italy, or Germany. Venice, Paris, or Rome are easier to discover that way.

2. Books Flight in advance… and some days

Nobody will tell you this, but flights are cheapest on Tuesday and Wednesdays. You will pay the maximum when it’s the holidays.

3. Hotels… or AirBNB

Yes, AirBNB has got a lot of fees, like cleaning and stuff. But to avoir super pricey hotel, choose a good airBNB, a room or a private part of a house, it will be much cheaper and better than staying in a low budget hostel. Plus, you will meet and discuss with local owners…

4. Save Money on food

If you want to save money while traveling, the best way is to book a hotel or and airBNB with free breakfast. That way, you will kick off the day full, and you wont have to look for food early in the morning. Ready to go for your next adventure ! When at the airport, bring your own food. Airport food is way too pricey.

You can easily go through security check with food. But no drinks. Bring a water bottle that you can fill later at a water fountain. Grocery shopping and sandwiches will also be a lot cheaper than eating at restaurants every day while you are traveling. Find a nice park and make a pick-nick out of it…

5. Take… the bus or the subway

To travel cheap, travel like the locals. Avoid the tourists bus or taxis and cabs. Take the bus, the subway or trams. Plus, you will have the opportunity to get a bit lost and maybe discover some hidden location. You can also travel by renting a bike. In the summer, there is no better way to travel in big cities. Walking also saves you money.

6. Free tours, museum free days

Tourists tours can be expensive. But in some Cities, free tours with guides that work on tips exists. A lot of museum around the world also offer free entry some days.

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