Oops, Rudy Giuliani accidentally wears two watches on Wrist

Oops, Rudy Giuliani accidentally wears two watches on Wrist

Rudy Giuliani, former NYC mayor and Trump’s lawyer, surprised the world with yet another funny sequence : he was wearing two watches on his wrist.

Rudy Giuliani is not what he once was. One the fierce and strong NYC prosecutor that brought down the Mafia and propelled the City into the clean 90s, he is now the shadow of himself.

Currently in legal trouble, he has to face many legal actions against him. This week, Rudy Giuliani had a hearing to determine his ability to practice law in the D.C. area. But it didn’t go too well.

“You know I have two watches on?”

The former Trump’s Lawyer, believing his mic was muted, turned to his defense council and said “You know I have two watches on?”, jokingly, as he noticed that he indeed had two watches on his wrist.

his lawyer John Leventhal wasn’t too pleased. He signified to Giuliani that the camera for the hearing is still on, and Giuliani put his hand over his mouth in shock. Let’s say this hearing didn’t go to well ?


You might also remember the famous hair dye dripping down his face as he addressed a press conference in 2020

Or the the Four Seasons Total Landscaping press conference. Just after the 2020 elections, his team had booked the wrong Four Seasons. Not the famous Hotel, but the local business in Pensylvannia, the Four Seasons Total Landscaping. A gardening firm’s yard, located by an adult bookstore and a crematorium.

Written by Joey Smith

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