Airline Carry-on Luggage Restrictions: the best guide

Airline Carry-on Luggage Restrictions: the best guide

Airlines have a lot of restrictions for Carry-on luggage: gives you all the details you need to know.

1. What size is carry-on luggage ?

A carry-on luggage in a store is not a carry-on luggage in a plane. Most of the times, airlines will ask you to bring, for domestic flights, carry-on luggage the size of 22″ x 14″ x 9″. And be careful, it includes handle and the wheels. Why ? That way, everyone will be able to store their bag in the overhead bin.

2. What is the weight limit for carry-on luggage ?

Size matter, but weight too ! Domestic flight don’t require a weight limit, as long as it fits in the overhead compartment. But airlines will ask you to be reasonable. Don’t overpack. You probably wont be weighted though.

3. Additional personal item ?

A carry-on luggage a personal item ? Lucky you, the airlines don’t count laptop bag, purse, briefcase and other small luggage as carry-on luggage. But the smaller the better. Don’t bring that enormous stroller or that big instrument. This could go in the aircraft hold… Better ask the airline first if you plan on bringing large items.

4. What is allowed in a carry-on bag ?

A lot of stuff are not allowed in carry-on bag : firearms, lithium batteries, potentially hazardous items, some liquids… You can’t take containers of liquid, paste, aerosol, gel, or cream larger than 3.4 ounces. The security will take that away from you.

Written by Svetlana Avila

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