Inside a Plane’s Hidden Cabins for Flight Attendants

Inside a Plane’s Hidden Cabins for Flight Attendants

Flight Attendants have hidden cabins to rest in : here is one that you can actually see with your own eyes.

Flight Attendants are sometimes mysterious.  Where do they disappear during those 11 hours flights ? Suddenly, almost every Flight Attendant seem to have escaped the plan only to come back a few hours later to turn the lights on, while you are still sleeping.

There is a secret cabin upstairs where they can take nap. It’s not big, but it’s comfy enough. And also the home of the mile high club ? hehe, you…

The small spaces are also available for pilots. Because yes, pilots leave their chair during the flight to go and sleep peacefully, while the plane is flying by itself. Amazing right ? And kinda scary. But don’t worry, only one pilot leaves his spot at once.

Written by Joey Smith

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