The best Tips to Travel Well for Thanksgiving

The best Tips to Travel Well for Thanksgiving

Traveling during Thanksgiving can be a hassle : gives you the best advice to travel during the holiday.

Thanksgiving is often a holiday where a lot, A LOT of people travel. By car, bus, train or plane, it’s the busy season.

1. Plan ahead

Like every trip, it’s always best to plan a trip in advance. And it’s cheaper too, the closest your are to Thanksgiving, the higher the prices will go.

2. Packing : pack the least items possible

Take warm clothes obviously, but you dont need to much. An outfit for Thanksgiving day and then, maybe plan to wash some clothes if you are going away for a week.

3. Passport and travel infos

Check that your passport is still in date before booking travel. You might also need a visa if you travel abroad.  Travel info: boarding pass, address of your hotel… Store all your important document digitally, by sending yourself en email. Simple, you will find it when you need it. But also make a backup, by printing all your infos.

4. Avoid Peak Travel Dates

To escape busy airport, why dont you leave a few days before everyone else ? If you’re on a family trip, try and leave before everyone else. It will make things way, way easier. It’s even easier if you’re going away on a vacation as a couple, or even on your own.

5. Take an extra bag

During Thanksgiving, you will likely come back with stuff given by an aunt, a grandma, a grandpa or your parents : food, stuff from your childhood. So don’t forget to take an extra bag, something light, to bring back all those wonderful gifts your family will offer you.


Written by axel

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