The best Tips to find cheap flights

The best Tips to find cheap flights

Cheap flights do exist ! you just need to find them : gives you the best advice to travel on the cheap side, by plane.

1. Pick the cheapest days to fly

Forget holidays ? Not really. Flexibility is the key to travel for cheap by plane. Choose a week day to fly. Weekends are obviously more expensive. Or are they ? The cheapest days to fly are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Airlines can help you find the cheapest flight on their calendar, you just need a little time to compare.

2. Pick the cheapest hour to fly

Flying early or late at night can be cheaper. If you choose a 5 or 6 am flight, you will fly cheaper. But dont forget that you will have to wake up very early. Nowadays, international flights require you to be at the airport 2 or 3 hours before departures. So don’t forget to count public transport fee, lyft or uber or taxi costs…

3. Use a flight search engine

Competition is key. Airlines will offer discounts to flight search engine to attract customers. Plus you can compare flight time, seats, or get a deal, like a bundle (flights and a hotel, flight and a rental car).

4. Early bird, cheaper than late booking

Try and book your plane ticket as early as possible. Plan you trip way ahead. You can book your ticket very early in the year for Christmas or thanksgiving. The last few days before a flight, prices can go way up.

5. Make sure to check for extra costs

There’s the price of the ticket, but plane companies now add a lot of extra inflight costs. Check what is included in the price of your ticket, like luggage, food and drink, entertainment or internet. Make sure to take a hand luggage with clothes in. That way you can avoid paying for an extra bag. But be very careful about hand luggage, check size and dimensions before boarding the plane, because companies also charge oversized bags.

6. Search for tickets like a new customer

Ever noticed prices go up some days or if you are returning to certain websites ? You are tracked. Don’t forget to search for tickets as a new and unknown customer. That way, you will get the cheap flights. Try deleting your search cookies in your browser. you can also try the incognito mode in your browser but that doesn’t always work. Try a different device, or with another browser too.

7. Time is key, flights with connection are cheaper

Yes, direct flights are easier and faster, but if you dont mind losing a few hours, try and find a flight with a connection. It will increase your travel time, but you can save a lot of money. If you are traveling far away for a big vacation, you can also try and find another city close by, where flights are cheaper, then make the connection with a bus…

Written by Svetlana Avila

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