Cold feet, cold hands : how to fix it ?

Cold feet, cold hands : how to fix it ?

You always have those cold hands and feet, and in the winter it’s even worse : what’s the reason for this and how to treat it ?

Your Body, the regulator

The Body is the regulator of your temperature. when the cold winter is upon us, your body has to make sure that blood is still flowing to your vital organs to keep them warm. Your Body can then modify the blood flow that reach your extremities, hands and feet. As a result, you are cold. Because hands and feet are not vitals.

Some people are more impacted than others. So, what can you do about it ? How to warm up ?

Move and exercise

The first and most efficient way is to move. Maybe your job is a 9 to 5 desk type of job, but you need to get up very often and walk around the office, or the home, to keep the blood flowing. Exercise daily, by walking or running, to help prevent your feet and hands being cold.


Pick warm clothes. The most important is to find warm socks. wool socks work best for me. but you can also layer with a warm merino shirt. Layers are better than just a big bulky sweater. Three layers with one made of wool will help your body feel warm.

Move your feet and hands

Just like you would move in a plane to stretech, don’t hesitate to move your toes and fingers while at your desk or sitting at home. this will tall your body “hey, we need blood flow here”.

Hold something warm

A cup of warm coffee or tea can do the trick for a few minutes. Just hold it in your hands and you will feel the warm instantly.

Limit contact with the floor

At home or at work, the floor is likely to be the coldest area. So we recommended slippers at home, made of wool or other warm material. You will feel the difference in a few minutes. Add some extra wool socks and you are good to go. At work, choose winter shoes, again with some extra layer or warmth.

Written by Svetlana Avila

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