Top 5 tourists things to visit in london

Top 5 tourists things to visit in london

London is a City that Never sleeps. So much to do, so little time. is making things easier : here are the Top things to do when you travel to London.

1. Big, Ben, the Parliament and Westminster Abbey

All within foot distance, those three landmarks are a must see if you visit London for the first time.

2. Sightseing London by… bus

If you don’t have too much time to visit New York, the best options is always to travel fast and see things while you travel.

Option number 1: Sightseeing Tours. Many are available by bus all around the city, guided or not. Often pricey but it’s the easiest option.

Option number 2: regular buses… and the Subway. The best way to discover a City is to take public transportation. Fast or not, but if you travel on a budget, it might the best option.

3. Buckingham Palace

This is where Elizabeth II lived most of her reign, and now Charles.

>>> Travel tip : get there early to avoid queues

3. Hyde Park, Regent’s Park

London parks are a must see. A sea of green in the heart of a very busy city. A place to rest, sleep or just walk by.

4. Picadilly Circus

Center of the world for some, it’s an area that can’t be missed in London. Those famous big screens will blow you away. Within a walking distance, you can visit Soho, Leicester Square or even Covent Garden.

5. Oxford Street

The shopping center of London. A very long street with dozen of designers shops. You can also stroll around in regent street.

The Tip of all tips

Don’t be fooled by the subway map. London’s most famous attractions are all within a walking distance. If you are visiting for a few days, don’t take the underground. Walk, just walk, and discover this beautiful city. Don’t forget a umbrella or a raincoat though !

Written by Scott Cyprian

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