Wednesday : Jenna Ortega’s Weird Dance Becomes Iconic

Wednesday : Jenna Ortega’s Weird Dance Becomes Iconic

Netflix’s TV Show Wednesday is already legendary : let’s travel to Nevermore and discover its most iconic moment, Wednesday’s dance.

Some shows do that. In a matter of days, Netflix’s Wednesday has become an international sensation. The show revolves around the famous Addams Family, and particularly around the character of the daughter, Wednesday. It’s portrayed by Jenna Ortega, seen in the recent Scream movie, or in the Netlfix show You.

In Episode 4, Wednesday goes to a dance (she doesn’t want to attend, obviously) and start dancing in the middle of the dancing floor. That weird dance has become an internet sensation in just a few days. Why, you ask ? Because it’s kinda weird… let’s watch that.

In a video shared by Netflix, Ortega revealed that she choreographed the dance herself. “I choreographed that myself and I think it’s very obvious that I’m not a dancer or choreographer”, she says.

but where do the move come from ? Jenna Ortega took inspirations from The Addams Family sitcom’s Wednesday actress Lisa Loring, goths dancing at clubs in the 1980s, and Siouxsie Sioux, the gothic rockstar. A very specific kind of inspiration, because the song she dances to is the 1980 punk song “Goo Goo Muck” by The Cramps.

Shot while Ortega has Covid

Jenna Ortega revealed how she was taking medicines between takes, because she had Covid. She said, “Yeah, I woke up and – it’s weird, I never get sick and when I do it’s not very bad – I had the body aches. I felt like I’d been hit by a car and that a little goblin had been let loose in my throat and was scratching the walls of my esophagus. They were giving me medicine between takes because we were waiting on the positive result.”

Jenna Ortega also reveals that the show, which was filmed in Romania for 6 months, was the hardest job she’s ever had to do. Not much time to rehearse. But thanx to that, she’s rapidly becoming a huge star.

Written by Carey Sherie

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