Messi takes historic selfie with the World Cup Trophy

Messi takes historic selfie with the World Cup Trophy

Argentina won the World Cup against France on Sunday : Lionel Messi, 35, couldn’t let go of the Trophy.

He waited 35 years to win this. After the harsh loss in 2014, Argentina finally won the World Cup on Sunday and Lionel Messi was happy as a kid. In the Locker Room, he took the selfie everyone was waiting for.

Him alone with the World cup trophy.

Argentina now hopes he’ll be there for the Next world cup, which will take place in 2026 in Mexico, USA and Canada. ‘We need to save him for the next World Cup – 2026. If he wants to keep playing, he will be with us. He is more than entitled to decide what he wants to do with his career now.’, said his coach, Scaloni.

Messi isn’t looking that far away, but says he won’t retire. I want to keep experiencing a few more matches as world champion,” the 35-year-old told Argentinian television. “I was lucky to clinch every title in my career, this was the only one missing,” Messi said. “I want to take this one there [to Argentina] and enjoy it with everybody else.”

Written by Scott Cyprian

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