James Cameron hired scientist To Prove Jack Couldn’t Have Survived In ‘Titanic’

James Cameron hired scientist To Prove Jack Couldn’t Have Survived In ‘Titanic’

25 years later, James Cameron is still bugged by people thinking Jack could have survived on that little piece of wood in Titanic, so he decide to prove he couldn’t.

The never ending debate about Titanic gets an update in a very surprising way. The director of the movie, James Cameron, has hired a team of scientific expert to prove he couldn’t survive with Rose on that raft.

Speaking to The Toronto Sun to promote ‘Avatar: The Way of Water,’ Cameron revealed he has made a “scientific study” that proves two people could not have survived on the floating door. “We have done a scientific study to put this whole thing to rest and drive a stake through its heart once and for all. We have since done a thorough forensic analysis with a hypothermia expert who reproduced the raft from the movie and we’re going to do a little special on it that comes out in February”.

James Cameron : “Dumbass arguments”

“We took two stunt people who were the same body mass of Kate and Leo and we put sensors all over them and inside them and we put them in ice water and we tested to see whether they could have survived through a variety of methods and the answer was, there was no way they both could have survived. Only one could survive.

[Jack] needed to die. It’s like Romeo and Juliet. It’s a movie about love and sacrifice and mortality. The love is measured by the sacrifice…Maybe after 25 years, I won’t have to deal with this anymore”.

In 2019, James Cameron refused to listen to other opinion, calling the debate “stupid” in a very James Cameron Way. “There’s no debate. But if you really want to unearth all the dumbass arguments associated with it…I mean, let’s go back to, could Romeo have been smart and not taken the poison? Yes. Could he have decided not to bring his little dagger just in case Juliet might stab herself with it? Yes, absolutely. It sort of misses the point”, he told BBC at the time.

The special will be released with a a 4K restoration of Titanic which will screen in theaters on Valentine’s Day weekend 2023 in the US.

Written by Scott Cyprian

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